About Us

About Us – Who is Four Fifteen? 

We are Stephen and Jackie, a husband and wife team with our own one of a kind love story, and a passion for telling yours.

About Us

The Origin Story: In 2013, I (Stephen) started my own wedding videography business, Red Button Studios, where I captivated couples with a unique way of telling their wedding day story that perfectly captured the feel of the big day and the personality of the couple.

After several seasons of immersing myself in the amazing stories of other couples, my own world was turned upside down when I met the love of my life, Jackie. She was perfect and I knew almost immediately that I wanted to marry her. Wedding videography was put on the back shelf and I was swept along on the ride of my life. Six months later we were engaged and then married a mere four after that. Our first year of marriage blew by and all the while, Jackie was constantly trying to push me back into weddings. I had a million excuses why not, but finally after an evening down memory lane watching videos from my wedding portfolio, I relented. Four Fifteen Films was born. This time, not as a lone wolf enterprise, but as a team.

Why Four Fifteen you might ask? 4/15/16 was the day we said, “I do.”

A little about Stephen: Hey Y’all, I’m Stephen! I am a down to earth, hilarious, quiet type of guy. After a long day, you’ll find me cuddling with Jackie and daydreaming about the future. My role is to work the creative aspect of Four Fifteen Films – the man behind the computer – editing, and making the magic happen. It is my privilege to film couples who are looking for a way to freeze time on the biggest day of their lives. I am lucky to be able to capture not only their special day, but their unique love story.

I’m a self proclaimed movie critic, Star Wars nerd, and bread connoisseur. When I’m not busy working on videos you can catch me opening and closing the refrigerator to see if anything has magically appeared. The things I am passionate about in life are Jesus, Jackie, and queso – in that order.

A little about Jackie: Hey, I’m Jackie! I am a practical, hopeless romantic, smitten with the idea of seeing two people join their lives together. Most days you can find me window shopping online for things I would never actually buy and wearing a dress or yoga pants. I have no in between. People know me mostly  for my infectious personality – AKA: amusingly, awkward facial expressions and irresistible, quirky weirdness. I’m a Jesus lover and the lucky wife of the most handsome man you’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m one of those crazy, obsessive dog moms to the fluffiest puppy.

When it comes to Four Fifteen Films, I get the amazing job of connecting with our clients and making it personal. I make sure that we have a clear vision of who our bride and groom are and how we can best serve them every step of the way. When I’m not busy making lists you can find me cleaning parts of my house nobody knows existed (think Monica from Friends). I’m a Joanna Gaines wannabe, who’s obsessed with Tex-Mex, can’t stay awake during movies, and appreciates the beauty of a perfectly sprinkled donut.